Managerial Assistance

We guarantee full consultation facilities for our strategic partners to administer the school, upon securing of the franchise.

It combines with, but not limited to;

  • Administrative Manuals
  • Academic Manuals
  • Human Resource Manuals
  • Accounting Manuals
  • Marketing & Media Campaign Manuals

School Assistance

APPLE Group of Schools’ franchise will earn complete academic assistance from Head Office as Attainment Targets, Progression Chart, Daily Lesson Plans, Assessment Sheets and Examination Papers for all subjects. The Franchise will also receive the academic manual about the policies, system and procedures for dynamic and competent management of academic affairs.

School Evaluation

Your journey with us begins as promising partners. From the site mapping to the evaluation with imperative propositions for any changes, we are responsible to guide you at every step. The Quality Assurance Department guarantee you complete supervision of the school through regular inspections in order to invigorate the academic and administrative growth.

Professional Development & Guidance

Administrative and Academic Staff is to be equipped with training opportunities sponsored by corporate office of Apple School System to keep the staff updated with necessary teaching tools and strategies that will help the franchisee management to excel with prestige.

Marketing Assistance

The franchisee will receive marketing and promotion assistance for securing higher admission rate in the market. It encloses Admission Campaigns, Standardized design for full marketing (TV Ad, Hording, Brochure, Stemmers, Prospectus and all sorts of Marketing Materials).

Information Technology Assistance

We will issue an email address for your school along a distinctive space on Apple School, website. A separate portal will be supplied concerning your fee and finance requirements.