We are committed to train our students to be confident both in their life and education, prepare them to learn insight-fully, think critically and communicate effectively.


Our Mission is to be a progressive, high-quality education system that connects students with intellectual learning and practical application, to reflect as productive citizens.


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We recognize the pivotal role of human capital and believe in producing a skilled workforce for Pakistan. Today’s students must believe in academic excellence. Apple Group of Schools is a network of excellence and prestige, thriving to establish academic standards that cement-based pre-qualifications of students for their academic and professional pursuits. Envisaging the needs of the contemporary global community, the Apple Group of Schools prioritizes the personal and leadership development of every single student. We believe in impartial and responsible training of our students, by providing comprehensive curricular, co-curricular & extra-curricular programs under the supervision of world-class technocrats of the education sector. We compromise nothing on the future of our students. From high-quality teaching methods to exploiting innovative learning resources, the system offers not anything but exemplary school education for students.

Services at AGS

Interactive Curricullum

The Apple Group of Schools for the first time in Pakistan introduced the interactive based Curriculum which aims and encourages student engagement and active participation in both individual and group work.Learn More »

Centralized Examination

The Apple Group of Schools conducts centralized Exams for their Associate Schools under their qualified educationist technocrats. This will truly determine the intellectual standing of the students across all the country.Learn More »

Child Psychometric Testing

The Apple Group of Schools introduced Psychometric Test for their students to evaluate and measure the natural talents and performances in their early ages, as it can determine the type of personality a child has and his potential.Learn More »

Career Counselling

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Student Academic Assessment

The Apple Group of Schools introduced Academic Assessment which involves the use of empirical data on student learning to refine programs and improve student learning. Assessment is the systematic basis for making inferences about the learning and development of students.Learn More »

Marketing Assistance

The Apple Group of Schools provides marketing assistance to their associate Schools like Advertising for the promotion of the Brand through print media, social media and electronic media, so that brand can be flourished in a better way.Learn More »

Legal Assistance

The Apple Group of Schools provides all documentation legal assistance regarding opening the franchise of the Apple Group of Schools.Learn More »

Administrative Support

The Apple Group of Schools provides the administrative support to schools who are working under the umbrella of AGS System. This administrative support includes the curriculum support, conducts trainings and workshops for their associate schools’ staff, Human Resource and Quality Assurance Monitoring.Learn More »