AGS Features

Academic excellence & Learning

The Apple Group of Schools sets tremendous standard for curricular program. It encloses liberal arts and sciences outlined with cognitive dimension, to prepare students in accordance with national and international merit. The journey of our students start with academic excellence by studying major subjects, adequate use of library and digital learning i.e. whiteboard technology & other e-learning sources. We aspire for maximum development of our students’ intellectual capacities and skills in service to community.

Streamlined Education

Apple Group of Schools undertakes monitored education. A separate department is under operation as head office to streamline the curricular standards. It also functions to empower associated educators by development training and to cater a platform for perpetual support. Our odyssey starts with quality management. To achieve that target we created a web portal to streamline our school management and to systematize the information for the parents and network.

Students Counseling

We care for our students’ future endeavors and aspirations of their parents. We have founded a constructive counseling scheme and enrichment sessions, composed of experts to render students free counseling of their academic and professional goals. We only pledge in self-confidence, persistence and leadership abilities of our students.