Run A Dignified Business

Franchise Process

Expression of Interest

Submission expression of interest to the Head Office by the applicant.

Briefing by the Head Office

Applicant is briefed about the AGS by the Head office.

Discussion of Business Plan

Details of budget, salary scheme and feasibility of resources are discussed.

Submission of Franchise Application Form

The applicant will deposit 2000/- fee along submission of Franchise Application Form with the copy of CNIC in order to register for the franchise.

Visit of recommended Site

The applicant will inspect the site with the Head Office Team to assess ground requisites of the franchise school before inception.

Signing of MOU and Conclusion of Franchise Agreement

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is signed between the parties, to reserve the franchise against certain territory with the payment of 25% of sum, in addition to conclusion of agreement for the remaining payment of 75 %.

Recruitment & Training of the Staff

Assistance is provided in the recruitment and pre-trainings of academic and non-academic staff.

Local & Corporate Marketing Assistance

Marketing support is ensured through promotional material and advertisement guide.

Campus Orientation

Full cooperation is ensured in inauguration ceremony.