Affordable Fee Structure

Fee Structure Apple Group of Schools

Apple Group of Schools is a fast-growing network. It is expanding, developing and generating franchises at all corners of the country.
For efficient and smooth running of every single franchise, the network has introduced a Fee Structure Plan, hereinafter called the ‘plan’,
to upheld the notions of flexibility, accessibility and affordability in the education sector.
It is divided into four significant categories. i.e. Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum.

  • Every single franchisee is to opt for any one of the ‘plan’ in accordance with his/her area, stating grounds of his/her choice.
  • Once chosen by the franchisee the ‘plan’, it cannot be altered on any other grounds whatsoever. However, AGS Head Office has the absolute right to review any application made in this regard.
  • The ‘plan’ shall be mentioned in the franchise agreement explicitly, and entered into force upon signing of the agreement, immediately.
  • The ‘plan’ is effective and inclusive of determined royalty shares by the Head Office.
  • The ‘plan’ can be amended or revised by the Head Office at any time, if necessary, with or without providing reasons of such amendment or revision.
  • The ‘plan’ is applicable to all schools of the network and supervised by the Head Office through concerned departments.

Be ensured, that despite of the categorization, AGS Head Office will provide complete assistance to the franchisees, irrespective of their selection/choice of a particular ‘plan’.


Fee structure varies according to urban and rural vicinity.Also, on facilities provided by campus.