Cultivating Healthy Mind Workshop

Teachers seek to inspire students in all aspects of their lives, and for many teachers, one of their simplest goals is to inspire their students to appreciate the act of learning. Khalid Rehman – speaker of the program – talked on such important aspects of a teacher’s life and how a teacher should become inspirational power to transcend the classroom. APC Motivational Workshop “Kamyab Zindagi” Apna Rasta Khud Banayye, was attended by regional schools, especially people who are either part of the academic faculty or work in schools under different administrative and management placements. The training was aimed at building an understanding of how to create a better learning experience for the students by motivating them to become leaders and entrepreneurs of the future. The program was truly interactive and during open house participants discussed and shared different techniques and methodologies to motivation management as well inculcating 21st century skills of teamwork and collaboration and increase smart learning within students.

About the Speaker – Khalid Rahman has vast experience in motivation management, research, training and has conducted over several workshops, seminars and roundtables as Master Trainer. Education institutions has been his main focus of research. He has a number of publications to his credit. He is on the boards of a number of social and development organizations and contributes frequently on current affairs.

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