Language & Cultural Exchange Program

AGS is going to incorporate Chinese language in curriculum for which on first stage we require nominations to train teachers who will teach later at campuses.

Program Offers:
1. Chinese Language Training
2. Intros to Chinese Culture, History, Investment, Foreign Policy & Cuisine
3. HSK International Standardized Chinese Proficiency Test
4. Career Guidance for Study & Work in China
5. Summer Camp in China
6. Chinese Muslim Survival Training

for Individuals outside campuses Consider it an excellent opportunity for businessmen, professionals, researchers, students & avid travelers to learn Chinese language from a highly experienced native Chinese teachers.

Program Outcomes:
By the end of program, participants will be able to:
 Read, Write, Speak & Understand Chinese language.
 HSK Certification
 Use Chinese for internet & other social media purposes.
 Develop interpersonal skills for successful endeavors in academic, professional and business pursuits in China.
 Gain intensive knowledge of Chinese culture, history, cuisine, investment & foreign policy.

Fee Structure:
PKR 15000 (special discount for AGS Campuses)

Class Timings:
Five Days In week
Option 1. 10:00 AM – 01:00 PM
Option 2. 05:00 PM – 08:00 PM

Level 1 (Elementary): 1 months
Level 2 (Intermediate): 1 months

Last date of Registration:

Orientation Session:
20th July, 2018

Classes Starting From:

For queries & registration:
Apple Group Of Schools


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